A rehearsal for the day I am Interviewed by any Fashion Magazine, about my views!

An Imaginary Interview of me with Any Fashion Magazine.

  1.  How did you get Interested in modeling? –Rivalry between Siblings
  2. What has been your experience in the Modeling Industry? –Insurmountable, like I am flighty and could never actualize such ambitions.
  3. What makes you unique as a model in present day? – I blend ideas and colors that express my excitable nature, and my unquenchable desire to see possibility, in the stories my photo shoots tell. I bring the page to life!
  4. Do you have anything about yourself you want to reveal in a photo shoot, that you have not done, so far? – Yes, my brain surgery scars, the range of my emotions
  5. A current topic floating quite quickly through the modeling world is Ableism, and Tokenism, where do you stand on this topic? – I stand with the models, who feel misrepresented. I am plus sized, I am scarred. I first tried to model when I was 16, and no one wanted any part of me. At a photo shoot, I had two make up artists make a mockery of my presence, without justification or explanation. They rattled me, with their insulting behavior, and made me feel small in a way no one should ever feel. In the elevator they whispered and pointed at me, And It was everything I could do not, to pour tears with a big ugly cry hissy fit.  I was wanting to model so I could show people, I had beauty, even if it only was seen in my kindness. It was the worst, and I didn’t know how to stand up for myself.
  6. If you could change one thing about modeling in present day, what would it be and why? – I could say pay, because that is a given if you are not a house name yet, but honestly. It’s the tearing down of creative thought…that if you get the big cheese, you have to wear it….and stand naked in NYC with steaks or cheese as your nipple tassels, and grass skirt, and be franker, in a strong but empathic way, about how they discuss serious issues. The modeling industry tears people down, often driving them to suicide…AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT, every day. I would just make fashion more accountable to their consumers…WE THE CONSUMERS MAKE THEM A SUCCESS … A HOUSE NAME!!!!! The designers should be saying” Hey, you earned that dollar, and spent it on my work, thank you! We are here for you! This world is yours, too!” #THEFASHIONHERO

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