It was a great getaway, but I’m so thankful to be home!

My husband and I celebrated 8 years Married on the 9th, and I’m convinced that with the appropriate attitude, arranged marriages can result in a lifetime of love. My husband and I have been together 14 years. I moved in with him on our second date, and three weeks later, I was doing our laundry and learned his last name. He took me to get birth control, for the first time, when I was 25. The doctor burst in, joking that I was pregnant, and I knew I couldn’t be. For years I did everything in my power to run him off, even canceling our engagement the first two times, and making him pledge a year of marriage counseling and a 4th proposal, and then I would say yes. On our wedding day, even after we got through all of my pre-requesits, I got col feet, and told my mom, I wanted to run… She gave me the worst possible marriage advice. She said ” you gotta go through with it,. You can always get a divorce,”   over 8 years, a tonsillectomy, a hysterectomy,  and 3 hospitalizations for acute anxiety unresolved anger, and unmanaged bipolar(on my part.) He still loves me, and accepts me, and doesn’t want to be in the world without me! I’m astonished! We have a beautiful puppy dog baby, for child. We have an adorable house, on a wonderful street, and I am in between a few Completely different issues now.  I’m unemployed. I’m wanting to travel abroad, and publish,  books! He smiles, and says Yes! We, don’t go through life pretending to be fake people in 1950’s sitcom, like on WandaVision, and our year of marriage counseling, helped me develop a backbone… You know, hold my own in an argument. Since, I became unemployed, my car was totaled, and we both had a pretty bad case of Covid! After, all of this ,we really needed this trip! We took a road trip to Columbia, South Carolina. It was absolutely gorgeous, perfect weather, fabulous food, a wonderful Zoo, and a great sitter from Rover , for our puppy! We went to Aiken, Sc, for one day to see my aunt, and it was just as beautiful! Everyday, until yesterday, I wanted to know the surprise, he had planned for us, and when it was happening, it didn’t even occur to me to ask. As soon as I put two and two together, I was overjoyed. He took me to Lake Murray, in Lexington, South Carolina to add a lock to the fence, as an outward expression of our love. We also went to a delightful Zoo, and the Columbia Art Museum. When it was time to come home, I was ready, for only two reasons, we need to still earn money, and I needed to be where I am, right now… In my bed with my husband and my dog… Love can be such a wonderful adventure! #8YearsMarried #LoveIsAnAdventure #TheFashionHero

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