Learning to Feel Sexy in My Own Skin

From age 15 to 25 my friends and I would sneak on the nearby army base at night, or go to a college town near by, and hang out in bars, and clubs. I would go to this one club, Neon’s, and I would put on a Minnie-skirt, and a slinky top, minus a bra, and I would dance on the black box, with a giant glass disco ball dangling above me and 7 or 8 guys would surround me, and I would just sweat and dance, until they made us leave.. Me and my friends would pile in a car, and travel together….and I usually was the DD(Designated Driver,) until I hit 21. The Thing, with my” Hottie Honduran’s proposal was, timing. I was on the base, the last time I saw him, it was morning, and I was trying to get off the base without being caught. It was my last week to spend time with him. I had a decision to make, and I had to make it right then… Germany, or 12th grade… I had life goals, that definitely included getting as far away from this place, as possible. I just knew 11th grade wasn’t going to be the time I made my move. That was for good reason, because I found other opportunities to see SO MANY other countries… One man I got pretty serious with, though, was from Tamil. He spoke Hindi, and by this point, I was in college. I was still working up the courage, to go cow tie my dreams…but it had not happened yet. For two years he showed me desire, attraction, and in some unique ways, support. He made an opportunity for me to model nude for an artist. Then, he took me to this amazing art exhibition to see her art on display. There were 2000 people there. There was a runway, with a gorgeous, Asian model, extremely tall, he was modeling artistic fashion, and he was so beautiful, he was the most gorgeous man, I had ever seen in real life. There were 2 floors with galleries, and 14 galleries total. I felt beautiful. There was this homeless man, squatting in the building, and he came in…and he walked up to my drawing, and turned red all over. The painting was Called Venus, and it was painted using Red, White and Gold. It ended up being sold, and someone chose to put over his mantle in his living room. Years later, I started dating my wonderful husband! He also felt driven to support my need to feel loved and beautiful, and he introduced me to pinup modeling, and photography. I was never paid for this, but I became friends with the lady who owned the business, and we are still friends, 13 years later. Below, I will attach pictures of some of the modeling. My friend who owned the business, gave me free photo shoots, because I brought her a 3rd of her customers by word of mouth! I’ll attach some pictures below!

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