My Desire to Become a Fashion Model/Icon, Professionally, and the Winner of Season 3, of The Fashion Hero!

I never believed I could be a model. I had an obsession with fashion and beauty, but was constantly shamed, for my looks, by my mother, all my life. Truthfully, it began to eat at me, around 14. It started with my mom, asking me to show her how I put on my makeup, and I said, “NO!” Life was always hard, but now it’s my life to live, I share my own space, with my wonderful husband for 8 years of marriage ( tomorrow) and 14 years, together, total!

It took me 25 years, to make me stop, and coach myself, and say….she does not have a right to tell me what makes me beautiful. It’s whatever makes me feel beautiful, that makes me beautiful, and she could not clearly see what makes me feel beautiful. Well, I have since entered a beauty competition on a reality tv show! I have actually been it for years, and they have had a lot of hurdles interfere with their ability to produce the second season, and third season ( the one I am ,hopefully going to be competing on.) Its a reality tv show, called The Fashion Hero. I am going to attach my profile, for those who would like to to find out more , but if someone out there sees this, and wants to know more, you can google the name of the show or tweet to @TheFashionHero and hashtag them at #TheFashionHero Also, if you would like to vote, it costs money, but I am so grateful, for any of your support. The cost of the votes goes down in value, the more you buy in a bundle.

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