Kim Porter’s Funeral

I did not know Kim Porter, just to be upfront. I never met her. She was much Older than me. She was a myth for me, for so long. You know what ,though?!!? I have this inexplicable desire to be famous. I always have.  because I could be like her.I want to be beautiful, I want to be glamourous. I want to model…and yet, my story is so much more than, modeling. Kim Porter’s Funeral, was most literally 1 block from the childhood home where my bestfriend  in girl scouts lived. It was 4 blocks from the home, my life long brother from another mother lived in , as a child…we wandered those streets as children, and I was baptized in the pool at that Humongous Church, that many call Six Flags Over Jesus.  Her Funeral was a spectacle.  It swallowed up the love that her children will never be able to feel in her hugs, again. I was on my way, down that street dumbfounded by the masses, fleeing to church on a Saturday….angry officers, and impatient locals like myself….but this truly was quite a disappointing spectacle.  When she died, I saw it on TMZ, and thought ” How sad”…I thought this because, of her children, and only her children. Puff Daddy was quoted as saying something cliche about How Kim broke the mold…..well, if she was so wonderful, he should have stayed faithful.  Im not going to ask, why he wasnt Faithful…because Ellen Degenerous proved that his ego, is a big old hot mess. Puffy, if this reaches you, good….You have stuck your fishing pole in too many ponds, and now those ponds are drying up and killing what life they had left for the world….and the life that survived it….I pray they have your attention, and that this does not end up like Michael Jackson’s Kids, and Bobby Brown’s daughter. It just blows my mind that all my life, I have wanted to be famous, to have the power to make the world a better place….and the people who have that power…show up in my hometown, to act like they were always there for her.  Come on people….Humanity can do better than this…..As Lenny Kravitz says. ….” It ain’t over, ’til it’s over”

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  1. Bravo!!!! Well said!!! Rest in peace Miss Porter in my condolences and prayers have going out and will continue to go up for the children, may God keep a hedge of protection around them!

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