Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I am always very sternly attached to my look, and sensitive about it…as I only have one picture from my brain surgery…of the half bald Cyclops of a girl I was who cried and begged to keep some of my hair…so people would know I was a girl…I never venture outside of dark brown and black hair…I’m very attached to this thought of being snow white in a far off fantasy land…but…as I have hit two milestones this year 25 years a survivor and 35 years old.. I decided to try my favorite as a hair color…and so it took 6 attempts for me to conclude that hair is hair…but what really solidified that was my husband’s reaction…he said to me this …and I quote ” I would dance with you bald on Broadway, at noon on Saturday”…Red…what’s Red? The color of love…hair today, gone tomorrow!

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