Minds Eye Art Originals by Laura Book


I started a New Business today…Here it is…and I made my first sell in the first hour that I posted my products…my original art…so excited!!!


Is it Fall Yet?


I took this picture in our yard a year or so ago…it reminds me to appreciate the fleeting moments…and the beauty of all the seasons…I love this photo, because I was in a sad and contemplative place when I took it…and Im there again…

While I realize that the title contradicts the point of this article…It is perfectly alignned with how I feel these days….

Part of me is ready to quit life and run…just be doing anything other then what I am doing…a different job, a different name, a different place… a new season in my heart…

And yet, I know…that I am suppose to absolve some lesson in my pain and sorrow…work through some troubles…

That hits a vein with me.. a dark bold, obvious one, in my vibrant and transparent heart….Im tired of feeling this season of suffering, I am ready for the beauty of release to happen…like when pain just falls off, in vibrant creative, gifts that our left, just as tokens of inspiration and encouragment…Is it Fall yet?