Inspiring times

So much excitement I my life lately…that my art and experiences just feel beautiful. I am grateful to God for this wonderful time in my life! I feel inspired!


Today is Full of Frustrations

TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS…UGH!!!!! Where you just want to test how loud you can yell…but you sit there in silence. Today my car was acting up so I was late for work…and the heater guy put me off another 40 minutes extra to see another client before me, even though I had been using a space heater for two weeks…add to that it’s the anniversary of my Grandaddy on my mom’s sides death, and my grandmother on mybiodad’s side is enroute to bury her very recently deceased sister…I missed lunch, and now they have put my mom in the hospital, and I don’t know why…what did I do to calm myself down…I painted. here is what I accomplished today. these pieces. Those are both of aunt Jane, my grandmother’s sister who is now dead. God rest her very sweet soul.

Two part art, Three part me

Hello my dear readers…before you check my math…that title is intentional. The first pic is my portrait of my second mama, the second…is yours truly, and the third came from a pumpkin on the kitchen table, and a long life of Cinderella, Snow White and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Tonight my emotions are jumbled…as I lay here beside my dear sweet husband. I feel like I am wrapped up in my youth and it is gone. It’s quite stupid to act that way…but feeling that way is overwhelming. Art is suppose to be therapeutic, so there you go! Have a great night….I will be asleep soon.




I painted this pic and I don’t know who it is, but after riding 5 hours to get home I just had to crank one out before bed.night for now folks…thanks for reading….my love to you all.