Christmas on the Bayou


This year we had another Christmas on the Bayou, and there was fun times had by all. Our beloved Martha Jean was sorely missed…. But I came up with an idea of how to honor her memory, and then we collaborated, on the end result…we will put Money in her stocking until it fills up or there is a need and then donate in her name.It is to remind us to be a change in the world…a positive one. I missed her so much, but hugging her stuffed animal…and touching her Christmas stocking made me feel her presence anyway, and remember her sweetness. I was so blessed to know her.This year was more laid back, as we all laughed and ate too much..I was a little bit of a pill, because of my surgery, but everyone was patient with me. I took careful consideration in decorating the tree, and everyone seemed pleased. I can’t wait to get back to the Bayou for new years eve! Pablo is the bayou pup, and there is a Cat named Fenton. Pablo, aka pig…loved his loot we all got him, but he got in doggy time out, when he started barking louder then the Tv.Fenton, roams the bayou Golf course, in search of his pirate life adventures, and I like to paint…I used the paint seen in the photo above to paint Pig and Fenton for Bayou Bob. Bayou Bob, is Martha Jean’s son. I can not wait to get back but its good to be home!


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