Better as a Mentor

The photo you are looking at, is me proudly smiling,because for 6 years, I had been trying to get approved for surgery,preventing me from having children. This was my choice. I have been sick on and off my whole life, and know that I could possibly pass many of these things down. I love Children, but not every woman has to have them. My aunt Kitty, and Aunt Cindy,  and of Course Aunt Beth showed me you can have a very complete and fulfilling life without having kids. I love volunteering and mentoring, but I have dreams and plans that, don’t have to be compromised, now. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t love a child, had I ended up with one. I am proud of this decision, though. It was mine.  My husband is being very supportive and taking great care of me and concern for me, too ,in the process. Plus, it worked out, that I have the time off from work, paid, sick leave, I can take. It worked out beautifully.  I have very global ambitions in my heart, this is one more stepping stone to making them happen.

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