No One is Truly Alone

I had an awesome thing happen today. I am on vacation, with my husband…and I went to an art gallery, featuring a fabulous artist, who sadly, ended her own life, a year ago. This trip was an impulse trip….I just got this nervous pit in my stomach feeling like I needed to see my grandmother, right now….I mean, right now…and I have been worried about her to no end…but not sure why. SO we jumped in the truck after work and headed here to visit her, for one day…just so I could get a hug and a tarot reading (She is an astrologist, and does Tarot). At the museum, there was a young girl ( I think younger than myself), promoting this artist, and another one, around my age…I am 34. I asked how the artist ended her life, knowing that this was a sensitive subject, and explained that I work in a psychiatric facility…they told me, and the conversation, abruptly changed course…but somehow I notice the girl, had two tattoos, and I have one myself…and we began to talk about our tattoos, and healing from personal adversity…her birthday, was the same day as my brain surgery anniversary…so I had her birthday tattooed on my body…we connected instantly…like , friends…I was so happy to talk to her about mental health advocacy, and about my brain surgery, and about how passionate I am about what I do…I showed her my surgical scars, and it was a complete comfortable room…as we were leaving her eyes were tearing up, and she was smiling, and I turned around and said…Can I hug you? And she said ” Oh my gosh yes, of course.” …SO often in my life, I come across cold people, who don’t want to talk about the in between topics, the taboo things that really need to be explored…but I feel Like this was divine intervention….I could not believe that her day of birth was the same day as my rebirth, and our commonality was mental health…it gives me hope, that in a world where we can’t save everyone from slipping through the cracks, where life is sometimes so painful to bare… that if you let yourself be open to meeting people, and listen and look for the parallels, what you might find, is the miracle of not being the only one….No one is truly alone in this.

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