Blessed is this time.

My husband is on his way home with fresh flowers and fixins for SPaghetti. I love fresh flowers in a clean house…and he makes the best s’ghetti I have ever had. It took me the entire day to make it look like home in here, again, but I did. This is the most exciting part of work renovations…time. Time that I can dedicate to matters of the heart…my home, my husband, my art…things that make me, me, and yet I put them second. I really wish that I trusted enough about finances not to chase the almighty dollar like I do…and I wish that I didn’t feel like I was always trying to prove myself…but I am, and that’s how matters of the heart get put in second place…but for now, for 4 months, at least….they shouldn’t!!! Today, I slept in, got a 90 minute massage, went to Starbucks, cleaned and redecorated the house, and now…just waiting on my favorite man, to walk in that door with some hamburger and flowers. While he makes the s’ghetti…I will arrange the flowers and the table…and the stage will be set for a cozy , relaxing night of time with the one I love. I feel blessed beyond words, when I struggle, and get to this point. Love is in the air…haha, so is the scent of spaghetti!

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