The Zone….an open letter.

Laura, here. My dad put in an email chain of political bantering…We don’t agree on most of our political perspectives, though, he is my superhero. I adore him, and respect him immensely. I have had a predominantly christian upbringing, but I choose, to think of my belief system a little bit more broadly. I believe in truth with a capital T, which is the philosophical concept that no one on earth knows the whole story…and I feel like it is ridiculous and selfish that people die in the name of religion.Sir whom will remain unnamed…, thank you, for a calm and sincere perspective. Your response seems thoughtful and genuine. I realize my response does not come with a PhD in philosophy, as I am merely working on my Master’s in Psychology. However, I feel very strongly, that history has shown us, that blocking, labeling, or trying to exterminate an entire race of humans, was not the right answer to terrorism, it in fact was terrorism. Until humans learn to stop fighting fire with fire, or heck, fighting at all…we are just simple creatures, despite all the inventions we may create…. getting a busted blood vessel in your eye over this, is just such a waste of time. I work in a welcome center and a mental hospital….people need to be loved not converted. Just love people, pray or meditate, or do anything to try to make the world something other than a combat zone….even these emails are a combat zone. I almost died as a child, and several other times over the years, but in my twenties, I came to the realization what a blessing it is just to live. I volunteer for a mental health organization, in addition to going to school at night and working two jobs…when I want to hurt something or someone, I paint or write….this might annoy you, because I am not talking about thousands of years of war….but arguing over nothing is annoying… try to think of doing a community garden, or something beside exclusivity…because the only way the mentally ill are going to stop killing themselves and others, and the religious fanatics, is if they get a different example. History is important, but it is not everything, so let’s make a different history. Thank you, all of you reading this.


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