My heart is grateful

My heart is grateful as it greets each new blessing

A smile, connection, a correction, or impressing

Embossed is my mind, with love for humanity

And I have a grateful heart, for those whom freely love me.

There is no utterance that expresses my pure bliss, to be abundantly aware …..that my life has a purpose.

Even dull days, like today can be filled with fun, by having an opportunity to make it special for someone.

My heart is grateful… to have thrown a small party, and had food left over to feed the guests so hearty

My karma is rich, with textures of pleasure, give me an abundance of gifts,

that I treasure…my life,

my life…it’s words I can’t find, and loving friends who stay time after time…its two jobs, and two degrees,

its my husband, where we

sleep….I’m just so happy, to do this on my own, my heart is grateful,

to find every stepping stone… along my path of purpose.



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