The story my mom tells me every year on my birthday! Yesterday was my birthday!

FB_IMG_1448107546744My husband and I were living in Naples Fla when we found out we were going to be first time parents . There was a party and we could not wait to go and have the announcement that we the earth moon and star children were going to bring a child into the world. We had not been to a doctor just had the test and back then you didn’t run and get an ultrasound to find out what you were having it was all a giant surprise.

When we walked into the party there was a strange mood. People were drinking a lot for that time of the day and the music was louder than usual. We Ate and had a little drink when your father said I have an announcement to make. We are going to be parents… There was dead silence and everyone was just staring at us. That is when a friend came us to us and said that our other friend had just had an abortion and came to the party and announced it to the whole party and that was how she told her boyfriend who had just come out as Gay. So now we were telling everyone that we were having a baby right after she told everyone she had killed her’s. The next 9 months every time we saw this girl she would say oh this is how I would be looking right now… This is how big I would be right now… AS Paul Harvey says now here is the Rest of the story…

Being pregnant was a totally new experience. I had big breasts for the first time in my life. It was so strange to have men watch my chest when I walked. Heck I was watching it when I went past the large glass windows to stores. So as the months went by I got bigger but only in the front. From the back you could not even tell I was pregnant. I wore my baby blue string bikini the entire time I was pregnant. The day I had laura started off slower than usual, That day I had gone to the beach, John, her father had taken the car. I was feeling very uncomfortable and I thought that I needed to go for a swim. SO I walked down to the beach and swam down the beach for about two miles. I stayed in the shallow end and I let my stomach drag along the sand. When I got out of the ocean I was still feeling that uncomfortable pain. I was a hippie back then, didn’t shave my legs or under my arms. I will confess that I sprayed my legs and under arms with Sun in because I liked it blond and not black. I was very tan and did not care when people stared. So you have to picture me, with blond hair and tan skin, a skinny little body and this bulbous belly sticking out as far as it possibly can. Well, like I said I got out of the ocean and went home. I called your father John and told him that I was not feeling well and to come home, so he did. Later that night I had a friend make a surprise visit.

She made one of my favorite dinners and I could not wait to sit down and eat, I had a hot bath, Big Bowel Movement and I had my favorite robe on.

Finally she went in the kitchen and she and John fixed fish sticks, Baby red potatoes and corn for dinner. We were all sitting at the table I sat down and started to make my meal even better, I but butter on the small red potatoes, sour cream and salt and pepper.

I put ketchup and tarter sauce on the fried fish and butter on the green beans. Just as I put the first mouth full of dinner in my mouth I heard this POP! And then a Gushshshshsh! And water was dripping from my legs. The water smelled like fresh cut grass, because I had been drinking so much of cholorophill water a special green water that cleanses your system .

We got our things together and the whole time I kept saying , Wait do you think we will really will have this baby tonight, do you , someone talk to me. I always thought I would be dead before I really had to have the baby. About a month before the baby was due I went to a chiropractor friend and had them take an xray to make sure everything was ok. Yes an Xray I was an Xray Tech and felt like that was the best way to see in there. Anyway the baby was breach. The chiropractor said I would have to go see a doctor because I would not be able to have the baby at home like I was planing.

I wanted to have bread baking, music playing and fresh flowers, but this baby was breach, the mid wife came in and said we had to go to the hospital, We got in our car, and the car would not start….

WE got in our friend’s car that made the dinner and …. Her car would not start.

AS we walked outside the weather was perfect for a walk we were only about 20 blocks to the hospital so when the Car would not start I suggested we walk.

The mid wife said no, So your dad walked down the street to see if one of our neighbors could take us. and we went back into the house. About that time another friend just stopped by. I was laying down in my bed waiting for your dad to come back when another friend stopped by.

This is the one that had just had an abortion the day I announced I was pregnant with you, and was grieving the whole nine months I was pregnant. While I was lying in my bed waiting for your father to come home, I felt her crawl in the bed with me and put her arms around my belly. I was so creped out I thought “ oh brother, get off of me!…there was nothing I could do though. I felt bad for her as well.

Your dad came home and said that no one was home,

The last friend said I can take you in my car but it will have to be one at a time.

So she took me and your father in one seat and came back for Candace after we got admitted.

One of my dear friends that worked with me at the hospital xrayed me to see if you were turned around, you were not, so we were going to have a C section, I asked the doctor to give me a couple of hours.. he agreed

When we arrived at the hospital they checked me in. They took me to this room, and there was a Latino woman in there. She was in the bed beside mine, and she was holding on to the side of her bed rattling it as loud and as

fast as she could going AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! When the nurse came in, I panicked. I said I don’t want to be in here with her. I can’t do this with her in here, she is scaring me! The nurse said, “oh they all do that when they are about to deliver! She will be gone in a minute!

She left and I had the room to myself. The doctor came in, Told me the different ways I could have pain medicine and your father said no we don’t want any drugs in the baby so she is going to do this natural. So from the bed in the hospital I could see the gulf, and the moon was pretty full and the light was so bright and I sat up through the entire labor. At the 4th hour of labor I knew you were going to come out, so I told your dad to get the doctor. My doctor had given me five different kinds of medicine choices and when he walked in I screamed give me number 5!!!

That was the one where they put you to sleep and the mom woke up the next day after it was all over. He checked me and said well he would really have liked to help me out but I made him sign a paper saying no matter what don’t give me any medicine and he didn’t want to be sued so I was going to have to just know next time to do what he said.

So down to the it was time to get you out. The problem was you were Breech. So I pushed and you came out a little, NO pain medicine mind you! I finally got you half way out, and your little butt was up in the air. Your legs were up at your head, and the doctor announced, Well John, ya got a girl! He was so convinced I was going to be a boy he said….uh uh, I’m gonna wait for the head! Well everyone in the room started laughing including me, and I sucked you back in. I was so mad at your father I said you were going to be an only child…As you flew back in there was nothing to grab on to, and so you just went swoop back up in there. I pushed again, until you came out, and they put you on my chest. You lifted your head right then and looked around and everyone including the doctor said whoooooo

Later that day the nurses came to see you, and I was feeding you. They were talking to me, and you stuck your head up, and your neck muscles were fully developed they were horrified. They thought you were some alien baby or something!
We had another friend who was a professional astrologer.
She told me a new first time mother that she just looked at your astrology chart. She was so glad that you had such enlightened parents. Because uou were going to die at a very young age…all I could was stare at her.
I was very over protective of you and when you started having seizures I thought she was right. Thank God we have the free will and changed that outcome.well back to the story..
I had tyedyed a t shirt purple and Mdome purple socks. I was sure you were going to be a boy. I was going to name you Cosmos Hagood if you were going to be a boy.

When your grand parents came to see you, your Mema saw you through a Polaroid camera lens for the first time, and she thought you were the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. That day your granddaddy brought me a rose, and John held you up to the rose and your little pink face was the same size. Wrapped up in that blanket you looked like the sweetest little rose bud. So we nick named you rose bud, and it has been your nick name your whole life.

We had planned to name you Cosmos Hagood if you were a boy. And Laura Kathryn if you were a girl. Well everyone was praying you were a girl. What a sweet little baby girl you were. You were born on a Thursday. Just like tonight and the following week was thanksgiving just like next Thursday and everyone was there for the thanksgiving dinner and when it came time for me to say my prayer I said thank God that she came a week early!

We are very proud of you Laura Happy Birthday and so glad you found Charlie and he found you.

Love Mom.

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