Proud to Live and Love in Georgia!

The 39th US president smiling

What an incredible human being. I relate to him on so many levels, and was so proud to see his humbling and benevolent approach to church.  We got there super early, and waited in line for about 45 minutes to get searched and wanded before entering the church. There were dogs working, police working and secret service working, yet I still felt safe to approach him. Before he got there, his daughter’s 4th grade teacher was interviewed for NBC, and we got to sit in, for the interview. We sang hymns, and we got to see bowls and crosses and things he made with his bare hands. The church was humble, but had quaint beauty. The choir was off key, but it lent to the charm of the whole experience. People came as far as New Zealand to shake his hand and get an autograph, but he had boundaries, No clapping autographs or long conversations…. why?!!!??… Because he is humble, and does not put himself before his pastor the CHurch, Or Jesus or God… He did not stand at the podium, he let the minister, who may have been in his 20s do that. He was kind, and humble, and just so very polite.  Smiled. He is smart, and he makes me so proud of who I am, and where I come from. Just to know that he got so far. That puts the courage back in me. What a true blessing to have met him, and his beautiful bride.  I am abundantly grateful to God to have been in his presence.  He discussed his brain tumor, which I had, his world travels, which I have done, his love for Georgia, a  passion I genuinely share. I mean this world leader, he is just like me in so many ways. He makes me so proud to LIve and Love in Georgia!

I met the 39th president!

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