No Judgement

I love people so much. I love being helpful and hopeful, and giving! I love it! It makes my whole heart happy. Today, I met a world renowned Korean Artist living in The Midwest. He was here visiting his son. He was warm and gracious, and came back later to talk to us more, at the center. I wanted to spew my excitement about and philosophy on life….but I didn’t. This interaction was very needed…I feel lonely in crowds, disconnected, forgotten about, most days…not by my husband….just everyone else. So, I was so appreciative of him…his wife got annoyed and left, but I felt  he impressed upon me dignity and understanding, that I lack in day to day relationships other then my husband…its not that I need life altering experiences with everyone…it was an understanding.. Like, no judgement.IMG_20151011_190437361

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