Wow!!! Just wow!!!

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Yesterday, I went to the Bull Bash with my husband…What a fun time! It was a great way to start the new year off…but what made it even better, were the last few minutes. I believe I witnessed a miracle. A Guy riding a bull, was thrown from the bull, and knocked unconscious…he was then, pushed by the bull around the arena…he was nearly stepped on by the bull, and was hit so hard he couldn’t move..seconds later, he was conscious, again…and, the paramedics checked him…he leaped to his feet and walked off the arena, with a score of second place!!!! I am calling it, this is going to be a year for miracles!!! I see them all the time, I believe….but I am going to look for them, and try to account for them,because life is amazing…and it’s simply a miracle that the sun comes up every day…for me…WOw, I am so happy I got to see that amazing thing happen!!!!

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