Self-Affirmations and Realizations in 2014

Featured image    I am worthy of my Mom’s praise

Featured image  Blogging can be therapeutic

Featured image           Who says Snow white was a size small

Featured image    Two jobs and school, piece of cake!

Featured image  Featured image   Featured imageNew friends do Exist

Featured image

SLAMS for NAMI, yes please!

Featured image  exists!

Featured image “Make new friends, but keep the old!”

Featured image Love is food to the soul

Featured image   Beauty is a miracle


Featured image

Read More,

Evaluate more closely,

Stand up and be counted,

Only choose if I’m lonely,

Let my hair grow out,

Use a larger vocabulary

Trust  in love, and put it before Money

“I” statements won’t follow with apologies

Or  lengthy explanations

Never quit striving for