Happy All Saints Day

Featured image  I’m no saint…but on “all saints day,” I like to think about what that means to me. For me, it reminds me of things I have done, and decisions I have made that have helped other people…and the things that made me want to. For all saints day, I would like to write about that…the things that make me want to. I know when I get on a rant, I can be very angry about people in my life…I lived in homeless shelters at one point in my life, when I was in a desperate situation. I abandoned my car, after sleeping in and bathing in a gas station sink…but saintly behavior was prevailing during that time in my life, in so many others. I have previously mentioned my second mama. If you go to her house she has a picture on the mantle of me, her white baby…lol…and we laugh about that…but she nursed me when I was sick, fed me when I was hungry, loved on me when I was crying, and was there for me, when I collapsed, overwhelmed by life and stopped functioning at the standard capacity for my age. Then there is my grandmothers…my Mema, a nurse by trade, also guided me, and loved me…I am her snow white. The nurse where I had my brain surgery. The doctors who saved my life. Women in the homeless shelters. I’m so thankful to have had teachers that cared. My dad. Even to the community, my mom could be included on that list. The thing about humanity is…most people can trick people or treat them right…and treating is a more saintly behavior…not everyone celebrates this day, but I do in my heart. It is a blessing to know that I have had guardian angels walking with me always, and that i remain safe and successful…in-spite of all the ghouls out to ruin it for me. One more Time, Happy all saints day!

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