Prepping for treaters

I know tomorrow, I have the day off, and I am so excited…to clean my house and get ready for treators…I love dressing up like snow white. In an alternate universe, I would like to be snow white(…before you get worried that I have something else wrong with me…there is not an alternate universe, I am aware of this. ..People take me so literally sometimes..and granted I am very literal, but I always feel like I have to explain my humor… )but getting back to “treaters.” I  had to grow up really fast, because I knew I could die…and I needed to understand that…and when I think about getting to give children some kind of happiness that I couldn’t experience…its absolutely a joy…I was a teacher’s assistant once for acting classes, and I was like the static cling for the teachers. I LOVED IT!!!! The kids loved me, and it made me feel like a human, like I was appreciated, and like I made a difference.  I can’t wait to do it again for the “treaters.” I don’t have kids, I’m not a Mom, and I have a sister who is an excellent mom…but I read this article about women who choose not to have kids, and very can very much relate…I can not be on my mom’s side of pediatric brain tumors…it was enough for me to be the child with one. My joy for kids, is community oriented…If I can help kids who, like me, felt lost abandoned and awkward…I’m doing what I am suppose to…simple as that. Anyway, I will be posting pictures post Halloween!!! I can’t wait!

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