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Keeping with tradition

Evolved into our personal story

I know…Its almost 2 am, and I am writing about cake…but I’m not really. The cake we are cutting is a replica of our wedding invitations to the blessing. The other one tells the story of our 6 years that we dated before we were married. My husbands mother died of breast cancer (pink Ribbon), the butterflies represent both traveling and miracles ( like my brain surgery for my brain tumor.) The book has to do with his family name, and Rhino’s is the name of the bar  where we met. The sheet music is because we both felt music was an important part of the ceremony. We left the church to “At Last,” by Etta James and did our first dance as Man and Wife in Georgia to it as well. We split our ceremony to accommodate everyone, and it was an amazing decision. One I am very proud of. When we watch our wedding videos…the amount of people who celebrated with us overwhelms me with joy. I have only excluded one person, deliberately from anything I ever celebrated, and I still regret it to this day. We included as many people as possible . The cake that replicated our invitations was beautiful…but the cake at the wedding portion was functional and beautiful.  It sat in a  bag in a rental car for 3 days, and then flew home on a plane with me…and it was still moist and delicious…I kid you not! Almond orange was the flavor…Anyone in Iowa looking for a great cake…Check Out Tip Top Cakes.  OK…time to finish sleeping…will blog more later. Until the sun comes up…I am signing off…but worry not…The sun will come up again!

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