Snow White

Featured imageFeatured image Every year at Halloween, I have promised my Mema  to dress up like Snow White. She always tells me I look like Snow White. Last night while I was working, I told my lead about my favorite Halloween dressed as “Snow.” I love this story because it gives me hope. I come from the Southern United States, where we have a rich and tender history of civil rights. I was raised mostly by an African American Woman with a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart, and a beautiful smile (she is in orange, and the other lady is a dear friend I worked with.).Featured image       I say that to say this….she( my second mama) raised me right. I would not project my ethnicity on someone to stomp out their own…that goes against everything I am.  SO, that being said. Last Halloween, I was standing at my door in this snow costume. A little 3 year old girl, came up to me in the same costume. She was African American, and had a bright beautiful smile. I always second guess myself with Children…it’s a gray area, but this child was not shy. She hugged my leg and said ” SNOW WHITE!!!”…and then she stopped for a second, thought about it, and said ” You look just like me!” I wanted to cry. Not out of sadness, because I understood her…she was talking about our costumes…but it was the beauty of her innocence…someone was raising her, right, too. She didn’t look at me, and see this weird white girl in a princess dress…she didn’t buckle and cry…she said “you look just like me.” That was music to my ears…I’m not African American, I’m not telling her how to look…but she was looking inside my soul when she said that not at the color of my skin. I wanted to pick her up….and love on her…Just like my second Mama, always did and does for me. It’s a new world out there…and  it’s a new day!..and I do Believe the quote ” It takes a village to raise a child”…. The sun WILL come up again!

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