Life On A Tight Rope

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In this picture are two of my sisters, and myself. I’m in the middle, and I am the oldest of this branch. We all looked happy, but we weren’t. One of my sisters almost died that night…I was starving myself and very very anorexic….and life was a nightmare.  In my mind, life is a never ending balancing act….from which I can occasionally twirl in the air, with an amazing unexpected stunt…and then land shaky…scared, and holding on for dear life. Sometimes, my feet catch the course, but most of the time, I am climbing back on, in a fit of awkwardness, and desperately telling myself that no one sees it….this is all speaking figuratively of course…It’s true though…I still forget to eat, or try to exercise enough to overcome fatigue, and then crash, crying in the bathroom, overwhelmed and exhausted. I have to always remember that tomorrow is a new day…heck, today, is!..Even on bad days, eventually…the sun will come up again.

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