Featured image  I am a worry wart by nature, and my life is nothing short of complicated…but I worry a lot. My mom and I have struggled to find even footing all of my life.  This is a moment when my mom was happy, and happy with me. A lot of the people in this town know how talented she is…and how, so often she has created something from nothing…and nothing can overwhelm us, sometimes. I know!…She has always made big changes very quickly, and demanded acclimation at the same speed. I learned to survive because  of that attribute of hers. It was not enough for me to simply recover from my brain surgery, but go back to school full time in one week and make all “A”s except one “B” for the whole year.That’s both good and Bad…I was still held back a year in school. I grew up watching her praise people outside of our family, while I myself never felt adequate… Everyone has skeletons, and everyone needs meat. Life is meant to be lived…who we meet in life changes us…always…I learned that from her…and even though one of my sisters told me that her professor said ” It’s not the grades you make. It’s the hands you shake.”…I learned it in practice from her. The thing about shaking,is…you can shake in your boots, or shake with your hands…either way your shaking…might as well make something of it. Even if you are doing both at the same time…believe me, I know, I do…all the time!..She taught me that.

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