Pieces of them

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Laura                                            &                          Kathryn

My name is Laura Kathryn. I was born November 20th, 1981. When my parents were pregnant  with me, they believed that I was going to be a boy and the next Messiah. They had picked out the name Cosmos Hagood, and I was going to be born on thanksgiving. My family only has one true tradition, and that is telling us our birth story on our birthday. Well, I’m told that I was born breach, with no pain meds. When I popped out of the womb, the doctor told my bio dad, that I was a girl…And he refused to believe it. When he was not in the room, my mom named me after my grandmothers….and here I am today. I carry a beautiful legacy of two women, who are very much alive and involved in my life. I love them at an unbelievable depth of respect, and I know that God did something right when he ( or she) threw me together, and said come on sweetie…you are going to be the link between all the wisdom and beauty your parents don’t appreciate. They have so much to teach me. They are amazing human beings. Laura, aka Me-ma, teaches me honesty,ethics,and compassion. Kathryn teaches me about adventure, and discovery, and open mindedness and spirituality….These are two People God blessed me with…and God forbid when they pass on…I will know who I am, because I am pieces of them.

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