Flying above expectation

Each day I wake up,

I don’t know what to expect

I just know to get dressed,

embrace it and except.Featured image

I plan a little

Like to sore above standards

then I stand a little

And remind myself to use manners

I think of what I want from the day

And then I pray it will come.

Usually, time flies and I feel in control

But I have those days where I am flying alone.

And the cockpit is so cold inside, because no sunshine greets me

I feel like I am wearing a funny hat

That people can’t see that they need me

But someone comes, and its back on course

Laughing and laughing, and laughing some more

Reminiscing about life that’s flown by

With Gratitude, I continue to strive

And each day I work, I get better at what I do…

And my job like two wings carries me through.

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