What I possess

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The picture above is of  me at 16…holding the beauty of life, knowing that a miracle landed on me … Today.I’m listening to Jack Johnson cover ” Imagine”, and the line, “no possessions” jumped out at me.I think sometimes people dream a little too much,when they should be living a little more…but anyone, who has truly had ” no possessions”, knows how scary it is to walk to the bus before the sun comes up to ride into a city they are unfamiliar with, wearing someone’s hand me downs, in hopes that someone will have mercy and hire us…If you don’t, let me tell you…it ain’t fun! I have my reasons for working in multiple professions, and one of them is because I don’t want to ” Imagine” a life like that. I already lived it!

Society is changing so quickly, but that is one concept culturally that stays with people. The “Haves” and the “have not’s.” I have been on both sides of that concept. …but let me get to my point. Possessions.

What I possess materialistic may change from day to day…but what I possess always is strength, creative drive, compassion and ambition…and no one can take that from me.

My classmates at school often express frustration about my abstract approaches to life. They want robot instructions and a “how to” manual…but that is not life. That is not how this world works…What I possess I am proud of, because, no matter what anyone says. I earned it way more than people on the outside will ever know. SO, If I can give one piece of personally learned advice, from observation.

Don’t give all your possessions away, you will regret it. I have not and will not do that…but everything that you have and do ripples…and people watch and learn. I am aware of this, and if you aren’t…start paying attention…because having no possessions make life just too hard.

What I possess

No one will take

When I walk the through the doors

It’s my gifts that will make


…..nothing more

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