Coloring with Crayons

Can you help me reach them?
I’m just a little small.
I don’t know if there is a chance
I’ll ever get that tall.

I need to draw a picture,
To show you how I feel.
I’m just a little scared right now,
And not sure how to deal.

I need the brown for my hair,
And yellow for the sun.
I like that I have dark hair
And I’ll be sad when its gone.

I know that it will grow back,
But what girls shave their head?
I know that I should not care,
Since I could end up dead.

I want to make my cheeks pink
And wear a red dress!
Red’s my favorite color!
It’s better then all the rest!

Are my sisters coming?
I want to draw them too.
I love coloring pictures,
I hope there’s more to do.

Did I really drown?
I can’t remember much.
I do know that an angel
Left me with its touch.

Why did I see it?
What does it mean?
Am I making pretend?
It didn’t feel like a dream.

I am scared to go to sleep now,
I don’t want to die,
When I wake up from my long nap
I hope there’s a butterfly.

Seven hours later,
As my vision, becomes clear
I wake with hesitation,
And a bandage near my ear.

Look,a butterfly!
On the window ledge!
Today, I lived through brain surgery
Mommy, Daddy, I’m not dead!

I want to draw a picture,
Of my family
I want to draw my nurse,
And the doctor who saved me

Can I see my crayons?
I can not reach from here…
But one day I bet I’ll be tall
Enough to reach up there!

A Survivor’s Journey To Advocacy from Laura Kathryn Trevett Tidwell on Vimeo.

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