One Day

One day As I was walking

I came upon a road

And Noticed something Special

That Road was paved with Gold

Engraved in that road

Was every legend told

Every Story Known

Every achieved goal.

As I continued walking

I came upon one night

A special kind of light

Called Eternal life

At first, I didn’t believe it

I thought it too profound

But then my Father proved it.

When I almost drowned.

Then I saw the Miracle

That happened on that night…

An Angel spoke to me

She’s what lit my life

Now I know my purpose

For living in this world.

I have a special job…

To help Save boys and girls

( I wrote this in 8th grade, and I still feel this way, to some degree….when I talk with somebody in a deeply personal way, this is what drives me,below is a photo of me in 8th grade) Featured image

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