“Masking Grief”

Women walking down the street

We stand around with holding grief

We look through lies

That are disguised by what are souls have hungered.

We wonder when the world will end

And if the ache gets better

We pray for life that’s free from strife

Shelter, when it thunders

Oh, tell me why do I cry and I wonder

This, that you know,

That you show

Can’t discover

please bring me ease and relief from what hovers.

…women walking down the street,

we stand around withholding grief,

we look through lies that are disguised

by what our souls have hungered….

Ever experienced grief that you couldn’t explain and you couldn’t suppress?.. Felt lost in life, derailed from ambition and hope? Some of my coworkers at one of my jobs told me about ” Putting on the Armor of God.” It was a beautiful and comforting pep talk, that in that moment, really really helped me. But, our ever changing world is so diverse now, and sometimes, it can feel like, masking duress is impossible and unhealthy…but in moderation, coupled with personal meditation, it can be done. I asked my doctor, what she does in situations like that, to keep from boiling over, and to keep her head and heart in tact…she told me meditation. She is a doctor that I think very fondly of, and have gone to for many years. The poem at the top of this screen, is a song i wrote the lyrics for at a very difficult, deep, and sad place in my life,when I was feeling like I would combust if I didn’t release it…Masking grief in the moment, is responsible, and admittedly, I failed at that recently…but addressing the emotions, is necessary…and however you can, you should retreat to a place of solitude, and explore that…because I realize, from my own actions…I can’t cease to function, even when I feel like the weight of the world is flattening my brain. So…when masking your grief, if you don’t derail the emotion long enough to get from point A, to point B, then a pre-planning session, might be helpful. I’m not a doctor, and I have not finished my M.S. in Counseling & Psychology, yet… These are the lessons I am absorbing in my life, about masking grief.

1.) Make a list of things about your environment that can positively distract you.

Ex. At one of my jobs, it’s talking about the product

At another, it’s talking to the patients.

2.) Build enough rapport with your team, that you can clue them in to the moment

…again, I failed at this, because I was so upset, I could not blurt it out….but for example, step aside, and say, “I had an emergency, I need a minute.”

3.) Give yourself solitude….be alone

Ex. on your lunch break, go to your car and listen to music..or, after work, come home, and write about it.

Most importantly though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.) Let yourself feel!

Masking grief is different then suppressing it…human emotions are vital and instinctual….

So when you come to work, and you put on your mask…remember that at some point you should take it off, and just be.

…I know I will!

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