Hilarious story!!!!!

See this picture of my husband and I…It’s before we were married. I told him he needed to be more spontaneous, so he was. He went on facebook, and found someone with the same name as him. He befriended him, and then we crashed his family reunion. They loved us, though! Truly wonderful people.  This photo was before we had arrived.  While we were there, we had lunch at a lock and dam, and stood on picnic tables, and brought a giant trash can full of old photos…and learned there were 5 brothers who came to the united states from Germany…3 settled in the midwest, and two in the south…this was the lineage from the brothers in the south. We stayed for about 6 hours, and then went to their Sunday dinner in their neighborhood…we were still full, but socialized until very very late…at dinner time we went to a place called ” the castle” and had  dinner in a mansion, in formal dining and we were in flip flops…..I was wearing a blue jean skirt. The kitchen was about to close, and they served us anyway…there was a table of 8 men and 1 woman being served, and us…that’s it. We left on a Thursday and came home Monday, and it was an absolute blast! I loved it.

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